Slash 4x4Ultimate

Remote controlled trucks now have apps. Say what? Yes, you read that right! The ready to race, award winning, Slash 4×4 Ultimate from Traxxas is a statement of innovation and technological breakthrough! This monster is installed with the latest TQi 2.4GHz radio system which features the exclusive Docking Base, a state of the art technology that turns your Apple iPod Touch or iPhone into a powerful tuning device. The Traxxas Link App provides you a very detailed, full colored, graphical user interface that lets you optimized your radio system for a complete vehicle control. The app offers you total control over the operation and tuning, all the details about braking, steering and throttle sensitivity, can be easily monitored through the Traxxis Link App. When you’re done tuning, you can create a profile to save those control settings which you can restore later and don’t worry because you can create as much as 30 profile settings for your truck. This means you can just go crazy in experimenting which setting best suits your truck. If that’s not enough Traxxas offers an accessory that can also be bought to monitor the speed, RPM, temperature, and battery levels while your truck is on the road.


Aside from the cool apps installed, Traxxas never fails to impress us with the features this monster has. The Slash 4×4 Ultimate is completely equipped with aluminum big bore shocks, titanium nitride shafts, a BF Goodrich mud terrain tires, blue-anodized aluminum C-hubs, and so much more. The high-capacity 4200mAh Series 4 battery pack has 7-cells of pure speed that insures you a top speed of 40+mph. Every featured installed on the Slash 4×4 Ultimate is the formula for the winning performance.


No other truck can match the Slash 4×4 Ultimate from control convenience, technological features, competition winning specs, and high-level performance, this truck just truly amaze me.