"HPI Gymkhana Five Ford Fiesta"

If you’re a fan of remote controlled cars and the racing superstar Ken Block and his Gymkhana Five Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V Car then this is exactly the remote control car for you! The remote controlled beauty not only has the exact physical replica but also possess the great speed, precision, and durability of the car we admire.

HPI is very proud to have produced a very detailed replica of the great Gymkhana Five. The 1/8 scaled replica just looks absolutely great! The color, the design, the art, the details, everything on it is just so perfect, just looking at it would just make you smile.

The great part about this model is that it just doesn’t stop from the physical details, the parts installed in this model is just as cool as the way it looks. The HPI Gymkhana Five has a lot of really great features such as instant acceleration, an intensely high top speed of 60mph, a VAPOR PRO cooling system to ensure your engine is kept cool at all times, highly durable suspension and chassis, adjustable gear differentials, tunable silicone oil filled shocks and the best of all is that it is entirely waterproof. May it be asphalt, dirt, clay, mud, sand, or even ice, every aspect of this car is just ready to take on the road and blast its way off that course! Imagine having both beauty and great features, HPI really did great on this model.

No worries in terms of controlling this model because it is very easy to use, you don’t need to learn any tricky programming for this baby to run.  The HPI Gymkhana Five Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V Car is one of the best, yet simple and fun to use remote controlled car in the market. Highly recommended to every RC hobbyist!