One of the absolute classics, HPI Firestorm 10T would be one of our favorites. This 2WD truck features HPI’s new engine, the G3.0 and many of the design ideas have been take from the Hellfire. Along with this new engine, there is an awesome Firestorm design that looks aggressive and something that is ready to rip up the local streets.

Being a 2WD instead of 4WD means you will get lot more handling opportunities. You may not have a grip that something like Savage can provide, but what you will get in return are great drifting moments, suburb donuts, a high top speed and long sweeping turns on lose surfaces.

This car does require bit of attention, but when you get it out of the box it is almost RTR, follow the manual to get it going and tuning tips, and in no time you will be having great fun driving it.